Well we just received our june delivery of SB's and here they are, if you want more info or to see if we have your size call us 905-689-5007.


An interesting addition to the quiver of decks available at Boredem, we just got in a curious selection of Krooked decks. Designed by the wild imagination of Mark Gonzalez (incase you didn’t know he also made street skating what it is today) these decks are far off the beaten track of mainstream street skating. Personally I was stoked to see these new decks with there retro shape, like tiny longboards.
First off we have the Jay Adam’s guest board (limited edition number 89/200) it is shaped much like his original pro model on Z-flex. This one has a bananaish shape with a diamond tail; it is the middle sized board of the threesome.
The biggest of these decks is the ZigZagger, it is a classic old school shape like decks from the late 80’s it has a big dagger like nose and it is the widest of the bunch at 8.5”. It also has a diamond tail which like I said I’m feeling from the influence of my board builder friend Aviv. The ZigZagger would make one of the gnarliest pool boards ever.
My favorite of the pack is the ZipZinger. It’s a tiny board at 7.25” wide and 28.75” long. Of the three decks this is the one with the most media coverage as it can be seen anywhere the Gonz has been in the season or so. I have also heard that the Gonz kills it with the ZipZinger in the new Krooked video “Krooked Kroniciles”.
The reason I am so excited about these decks is that they aren’t your normal street decks, they are progressive in the direction of making skateboarding less serious and way more fun and that is how it should be.



Thought we should post about our second to none LRG selection. We are tight with LRG as we were the first store in Canada to carry their fresh gear in 2000. That was back when we were in the old location and we dealt with guys in San Diego directly. Since then, the line has gotten even better with finer fabrics and more advanced fabrication and even more style. With limited products from LRG, you’ll be sure to find something special to add to your closet.


They say good things come to those that wait, and this seems to be one of those times. After so many years and so many meetings the Memorial Park skate park is finally finished. Now all there is left to do is to wait for the grass to be planted and for the lights to be installed. This is all very exciting and Boredem has a celebration in the works for the parks grand opening. Details of that should be up on the blog in a few days, it’ll be worth the wait I promise.