Hot out of the presses, we have just received our first two graphics of Boredem decks. They are expected to go fast like any premier offering, so get them while we got them. They are available for $49.95 plus grip and tax and are 2 different sizes; the black logo board is 7 5/8” and the full colour deck is 7 3/4”.


today we recieved some new SB's: neptunes, mork and mindy's and cream brown stone P-Rod's. Get them while they are here because they're going fast!


a quick post to let everyone know that you can check us out on myspace! drop by and become an online friend to leave us messages or to get bulletins about new products and sales. http://www.myspace.com/boredemskate
see you there!

Continuing the celebration of our tenth anniversary, we’re having a massive LRG sale for 4 days from July 20th-23rd. All of our selection is on sale at 25% to 50% off. If you are familiar with us you’ll know that we have never had all of the LRG on sale. So call your friends, get in the car and drive up to Boredem to take advantage of this once in a blue moon sale. And bring in your contest ballad since you’re coming here!


Assuming you found your way to our slice of cyberspace because of a magic ticket that spoke of a special contest, this is that contest.
Here is the deal; we have teamed up with our comrades at és footwear for our first online contest. Here is how it works, you print off the entry form below and fill out all your info and answer the skill testing question. Then bring your entry form back to Boredem and put it in the draw box. The first entry we draw with the correct answer will win a pair of shoes. And the question is; Ten years ago when Boredem opened we carried és footwear, can you tell us who the és pro team was in 1996? Go ahead use the internet, the answer is on it Good luck!!! Contest closes August 8th 2006.