this is how you make a sponsor-me-video.
Gigi Rüf is too insane
here is a refresher course to get you up to date.

A Two Minute History of Snowboarding


so Boxing Day was CRAZY!!!

& we're getting low on a ton of stuff, so better come in while we still have a great selection.
Jim stopped by to wish us a merry xmas & play us a diddy.


we enjoyed it so much we gave Jim Ethan as a gift


WOW!! Boxing day is crazy, we had a line up of door crashers.
we're too busy to do a full update, but here's the deal for BOXING DAY

Friday Dec 26 - Saturday Dec 27 -------30%off everything that isn't already on sale
Sunday Dec 28 - Monday Dec 29 -----20%off everything that isn't already on sale
Tuesday Dec 30 - Wednesday 31 -----10% off everything that isn't already on sale

Also after today HOLIDAY HOURS are over.

so we are back to:
Mon-Wed 12-6pm
Thurs-Fri 12-7pm
Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 12-5pm

Happy Holidays from the crew & fam!!


more info after tomorrow,
for now we just enjoy the holiday!
peace and love from the crew here.


only 5. act fast

december drop.

good advice for all conditions




LIMITED RELEASE SKYTOPS!!! get'em here now, or wait until next summer. trust

top notch selection of new eras in stock rite now!

anon, dragon, oakley, i.s.,gordini

tested some 09 Forum Boards @ Mount St. Louis Moonstone
since the Burton intro day was cancelled.
Thanks Ian, your a real gentleman.
the boards rode well, come in and ask if you wanna hear how it went

then a few days later we got out on some Burton Boards


so ready for xxmas

new decks for baby jesus!

spitfire stocking stufferz

element mini completes for the growth challenged $129.95

mishka, diamond, rogue status

Christmas 2008 Trust.
road to Till the Casket Drops

NEW Clipse Mixtape!
don't say we never gave you nothing fr'free.


we opened the tuning vices early so you can take advantage the early happening.
prices are as such:

we can also fix any binding or board issue
just bring it in for an estimate! 905.689.5007

KR3W bling. it's moving out fast, good christmas grabs.

Brian Serneels back tail press f/s 180 out
[o] Brennen Harvey
Turner Skatepark

is completed, get out before it gets snowed in for the winter
@ Rymal & Republic on Hamilton Mountain


Tayler Payne
[o] Austin Gartley
_ dear internet
Tayler's face looks scared. this pictures funny


this has been going around the internets lately, thought i'd jump on board too..
big shit.

AK Skate NYC from AM on Vimeo.

new Mark Gonzales, Chris Pastras & Andri Razo artist series Gordini goggles!

so many gloves for 2009, but i'd say act fast cuz what we've got its what we got!


limited edition DANNY KASS UNION bindings

only a few pairs.... if you need 'em, you know what to do.
New CROOKS & CASTLES caps & tees.

not to slept on, our selection of premium new eras is second to none at the moment!
another delivery of hundreds hats & tees!

shit's bananas, cop some while it's here!
Defcon 2009 release!

personally Defcon has been my favorite glove company since they were GMC. trust.
also peep the UNKL x Defocn toy back again this year! collectible!
New December drop of NIKE SB!

call for info: 905.689.5007

get your go slow on this weekend! MSLMS, Horseshoe & HolidayValley openings!
Tail Blocks with Pat Moore


jeremiah bohnet. seriously this kids on some next shit! i'd say watch out for him in 09

Brian Serneels snowboards for BOREDEM, LibTech, Drake & Northwave.
action [o] Brennen Harvey
looking good homie. 2009 is on!

stocking everything you need for 09 snowboard season is in now!


50% OFF
all LRG & selected Nike SB , Nomis, Supra, Addict
& 2007-2008 Outerwear!

selected 2008 & previous years Outerwear

no holds, limited quantities, last chances