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the dudes @ the shop are realy excited about this release.
super euro riding featuring pat mooore (forum) & austin smith (capita)

Pony Tale from Actionhorse Films on Vimeo.


Bo(redem) knows

i wanted to find the original ads to share but this is the best i could do

Rome Outerwear

grey jacket dotz insulated
green jacket ipod controller
these jackets are pretty slick.
Rough Diamond

“The second edition of the Rough Diamond is a little more refined, and a whole lot better. The original Diamond is there it just has a few layers that I came up with to try and spice it a little. it’s as easy 1, 2, 3, to tie the boot up, and now even easier to get out of with the double velcro system that opens the top of the boot wider. Every Diamond goes through phase before it makes onto a ring, this is new slightly less Rough Diamond.” – TJ Schneider
snowboard realms episode 19

"The Snowboard Realms is a diy video made by professional snowboarder tj schneider."

seriously, check out that contest setup....... wtf!?
here's a little love for DEATHWISH

check out this whip!!!!

& peep this vid
antwuan dixon - baker has a deathwish

of course we got deathwish decks in stock.

!! ultra limited
Look what we unearthed just in time for HALLOWEEN!!

only 3 available!


today we had a visit from Rob who represents CAPITA in our region.
that got me stoked & i watched these:


CAPITA Snowboarding

making a capita board!

transworld snowboarding videomag#1 part1/3
Jason Brown. (seminal for sure)

*** also if you come in tomorrow (10-30-08) & buy a capita snowboard receive a real pumpkin carved by rob himself!! (you can see a pic of it on the capita website homepage) ONLY ONE PUMPKIN ONLY ONE DAY!
at it again in october!

props to the crew!
little more nomis
Simon <3's BOREDEM

& some more NEW NOMIS gear in stock!


Boredem: Lurking hard while hardly working.

we got a little drop of Step Child clothes today. limited quantities, gettem fast!

good job OAKLEY. you win worst p.o.p. this year! congrats.

so this just arrived. BURTON CON-DOM, its a late season dominant with scoop tips and no camber..... update: sold out already!! wow

it's baaaaaaack! NOMIS HEATED HOODY


i found flicks of jibbing from last night on facebook!
caught in the act!


brian & james

extreme ethan (action shots!)
2009 Glove sneakpeak!

i love pipe gloves! wear them with your cuff over them and they are just as warm as any oven mitt has ever been. i wear pipe gloves all season & if worn properly are far more comfortable. they aren't for everyone, but if you dont touch the ground much (meaning you dont fall) they'll stay dry ;)
these are some choice pics of the spread

nomis X drop lowfats! very thin neoprene with a light liner... (-5'c & up)

Burton specters! these sport a thicker bulker lining that is warm but takes up more room in the glove (-15'c & up)

haven't tried these forum ones, they look warm & have a super tough palm (-10'c & up)

these special blend numbers are almost the same as the forum jobs & feature a finger pocket for secrets (-10'c & up)

(my temp ratings are subjective. also i only go as low as -15 because after that being outsides a serious mission. treat it as such & dont freeze yourself)

hanging today

Ride Contrabands!

yeah these bindings have 1 buckle!!

check it out!

how to

limited quantity! $249.95 +tax while they last
Holy Bangers!


after posting that last video by Dave i thought i'd post a couple more from last season.

be sure to check out his newer videos @ http://www.dsvideo.ca/
it's that time again!!

been out yet? (this video's from a while ago)
it won't be long!

p.s. check out more of Dave's vid's here!

DEC 21 be there & rep your crew!

dope steez.
That's right kids new stepchild video!

JP's on stepchild son

Matt Beach rules!! amazing!

more NEW NIKE SB! in today!

more crooks & castles in today!


Been here doing our thing that whole time!

but we're back on the blog in a new way to keep you all up on what we're up to!

oct 08

we've got so much gear in stock right now!
too much to list, but here are some snap shots of what's what.

NOMIS fall 08
nomis fall 08

mishka fall 08

Special Blend & FourSquare 08-09
special blend  four square 09

Crooks & Castles
crooks  castles fall08

freshjive fall 08

BOREDEM decks!
boredem decks 08
boredem decls 08

beanies 09

... so get ready for more posting!!!! maybe even add us on your RSS feed & say up!
back soon!