oh nos!! ahhhh hahahahahahahahaha this looks hilarious!


just click it and it takes you there.




our friends.. they get shit done. make your own fun!

parkinglot gnarness from our Villains homies. Wednesdays!! keep in touch and come out



you know we are down with this

Big Bear KR3W | Part One from KR3W DENIM on Vimeo.

rumor is there will be a snow team jean at some point and don't hold your breath for outerwear.


The answer is YES.
regardless of what your asking.

Neverland - RDM, DCP, JP Solberg from Trippy on Vimeo.

you should know we have 2010 Signal decks in stock

FUNderful Short Signal Snowboards from Signal Snowboards on Vimeo.


Kr3w's got a snow team now: jon kooley,
jordan mendenhall , nima jalali , will tuddenham , jake olson-elm , nick dirks ,and jed anderson (snow denim in the works. soon)


the BIG holiday Sale kicks off Black Friday (nov27/09)
click ad for facebook details!

YES! everything is on SALE!


Boredem is now stocking Bummer High decks

click for link & on sale now $60
It happens every so often that we get word back from customers about their experiences with us and i'd like to share this with all of our blog readers.

Sonja writes a blog about living in the 905
have a look at her post to see what she had to say about us [click image]

we appreciate the response and everyone else has had similar experiences!
Thanks again to all the friends who came out and shredded at pre-brosesh last week

click for more pics via http://www.fumiophoto.com and props to Villains & co. for putting it all together.


Pre-Bro-Sesh Tonight! it'll be a little like this @ Milton sports centre tonight

<--- wearevillains.com

ltd. R.Crumb Burton Restricted Dyer jacket & R.Crumb Vans Sk8-hi decon
click image for more infor on R. Crumb

Freshjive X Trevor Paglen tees & Burton Restricted Dyer jacket
click image for more info on the Freshjive X Trevor Paglen product
new decks in stock today!

Toy Machine


Sk8 Mafia
also some bummer high decks at $60



saw this thanksgiving video by Bshan on the love blog and had to repost it here.

PARTY ON THANKSGIVING from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

so many awesome people in this video!


there's a new Love Skateboards video in the works.
here's the promo

Love Skateboards Promo from James Thoem on Vimeo.

we'll keep you in the loop


More Love decks in at BOREDEM!

purchase a love deck and support skateboarding like this! (via Love Blog)
CopShop recap

thanks to the Hamilton Police and everyone who came out to participate!


while we wait for all the boards to be shipped out have a look at this years snow offerings we'll have for you at BOREDEM this 2009-2010 season
click image for according link

we are continuing with the most destructive Canadian snowboard brand ever

2010 will be our first season with Omatic and we are excited for there price concious promodels

another new addition for 2010 we're bringing in Signal because of there excellence in craftsmanship and design. who doensn't like made in USA by USAians?

We've gotten back on board with Nitro snowbards this year as they've mellowed out the Euro-xtreemness of their line and have an excellent range of freestyle planks. we'll also be stocking L1 outerwear

of course you've been waiting to see the Burton site for this year.... if you want a print catelog register on the site to get one in the mail. (we got so few this year we can't hand them out like in the past)

and last, but certainly not least, BOREDEM will be selling YES boards this year. super limited AWESOMENESS from Burton's defected team of living legends.. be sure to check this out.
Tomorrow the CopShop Contest is popping at Turner Skatepark in Hamilton

just click image for more info
BOREDEM has over $1200 worth of prizes going into this contest so you know they'll be tons of swag to be awarded over the day.
This contest is a great way to let the Police show they are on our side.
Matt will be at the Contest chilling in the tent and Hawking BOREDEM decks so stop by say what's up!
Peep the Kr3w at the Crossroads trade show


we got some of those new Lewis Cruise decks.

they don't stick around long at $60. and since your here, check this out

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new Nike SB shoes and an old video clip!!

we hooked up with our friends at Love Skateboards and now have some of their decks($60)in the shop. check out there blog linked below & look forward to an apperance by team members in the near future.

Love Skateboards in muskoka woods from altwatsteeze on Vimeo.

FJ F09


Freshjive's fall collection is really kicking and if you have some time to kill take a look at their blog linked above. crazzy!

got a vans shipment with city pack halfcabs, eras & J-lays


because we has so much fun at go skateboarding day we're doing it again just because summer's over. come to maple on sunday and hang out, skate, eat bbq & maybe win!!