new coaches jacket & plaid snap backs

Triumvir x Fly x Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing

Back in August 2008, my friend Runyo Chen from Nike China told me he was working on a project with “flystreetwear,” a landmark skate shop in Beijing and Shanghai. You may recall from my previous blog posts featuring flystreetwear a few times upon my visits to China. Jeff, the owner of fly, was the “missing person” featured on the Nike SB Milk Blazers. Jeff’s shop has been one of the key focal points in the development of China’s domestic skate scene for almost a decade now.

So as the conversation progressed about the Nike x flystreetwear project, Runyo caught me completely off guard when he asked if Brian and I could design this particular SB shoe… “this can’t be happening!” I can’t really describe how I felt, but I did have flashbacks of me painting custom Nike’s in my parents garage. Now I was given the chance to design an official Nike shoe from Nike SB. My belief - I’ll believe it when I see the samples…

triumvir- http://triumvir3.com


there's so much good shit on the shelves! come in & visit anytime,
"City of God's Son"

download the mix @ www.CityofGodSon.com


got a Ride snowboards preview for 2010.

we re-uped on some choice Burton decks this week.
that way you'll have a chance to upgrade anytime this season!
you're welcome.

New MISHKA beanies. act fast! super limited.

with things returning to normal after christmas, we're still stocking all the best product as always, we've been getting trickles of spring product & restocks of the products you can't seem to get enough of.
expect frequent updates as always!



everyting you need to know is in here. so now it's your fault if you don't know. (but will won't rub it in when you ask us.) HA!
as you can tell from the last post i've been pretty stoked on european videos lately.
here are some skate videos from sweden that have caught my eye in the last couple days.

Jonts Malci Svängen Obsan tribute

& Truecams and shuvs by Jonte Eklunds






in recent surfings of the internet i've happened upon isenseven (http://www.isenseven.de ) of germany.
they are a video production company who have recently released a full length dvd called Teenage Love Graffiti.

Teenage Love Graffiti Trailer

it looks pretty cool. let us know what you think in the comment section and we can track some copies down if anyone is interested.

i think this teaser for a non-existant skate video is pretty rad as well.

T.B.A. - Isenseven Skate Teaser

& here are some youtube video by isenseven

Isenseven - Idiots

isenseven reflect


bobby worrest on espn. ROFL
check the interview HERE
wow ESPN eh? things sure have changed.

click to watch the new Real video log!! defiantly the best team in skateboarding.


welcoming Villains to BOREDEM!


got a look through the 2010 lines today...

looking pretty tight i must say.

this Saturday! double trouble @ Horseshoe!!
got some time to kill? the Mishka Bloglin should take care of that.

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if you can make it out this week you get to ride with TJ Schneider

Forum 2010 intro day @ MSLM

at intro days we demo next years product so we can help you get on the right board & have the answers to all your questions.

2010 Seeker & Pat Moore

2010 Pat Moore, Destroyer, Scalawag & Seeker

2010 Symbol & Faction bindings.

yeah, thats right. the 2010 Scheme has Bob Ross on it!!

my favorite of the day was for sure the 155cm Pat Moore. the Scheme's directional shape is one of the best carves out there


new January '09 Nike SB's
Twin Peak's Dunk High

Nike SB air Veloce

Nike SB Blazer Premium Purple Reign

click on Killah Cam to hear what we're really mean by Purple Reign. A!