New Frogskins with extra arms! hot shit!
we've been slacking on the blog with all the planning the up comming year it kinda fell of the desk, but to catch you up we've got new Nike SB's (obviously). here's some flicks.

P-Rod2 light steel/zest

1990's Goofy Boy Mid's & low's (high's on the way)

Blazer Low premium hybrid

& there is a ton of spring goods on their way, stay tuned
more demos! 2010 shit! let me know how it shreds


last week's Villains bro-sesh @ glen eden

& come out tonight for week 3.
more info here
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?sid=64abf99ef41af5861f5440e0d461f2e4&eid=48605094561 (cut&paste)


wanna sneak peak?

RIDE Demo day at Glen Eden this Saturday afternoon

get on it.