DLXSF restock. whamp whamp

Alife Footwear Summer 2009 delivery 2


a big thank you to all the homies who came out even though the weather was terrible.
thanks for the epic rain sesh, lurkage & general good times. trust.

and also thanks to jay VILLAINS for taking pictures!


We've got two new decks coming out this Thursday and we want you to come celebrate with us! after hours we will be hosting a game of skate in the lot, having an artist meet & greet and selling the new deck for $10 off for those who come out that night only.
don't miss it. Thursday May 28th 7-10pm
for more info call BOREDEM 905.689.5007

by Jimmy Decaire 7.875"

by Matt Mincoff & Jim Fitzgerald 8.125"

we are stoked! ANTWUAN's shoe is in!


anyone else zfeeling HOPPS? sick team! let me know & i'll try to cop some